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Eczema and hydrocolloidal plasters

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catkind Tue 21-Jun-16 07:05:38

Wow. I've fixed my eczema patch!
I had a horrible persistent patch on my hand. Weepy, dry, red, abominably itchy, those little clear blisters that made me want to just take sandpaper to it.
As a kind of last resort, I put hydrocolloidal plasters on it for a few days. A couple of them I also put a little germolene on to try to numb the itching.
And now it's actually mending. The angriness is completely gone and it's healing like normal skin.
This has been with me for over a year and any creams I put on have just been making it worse.
So chuffed I had to share. Anyone else used these plasters with eczema?

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