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Has anyone tried EAV testing? Positive/negative reviews...

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ticandtoc Mon 20-Jun-16 15:37:46

Hi there, I've been poorly for two months now and the doctors can't really find anything wrong with me apart from gastritis. I also have an underactive thyroid - but have so many other aches and pains, I've turned into a miserable hypochondriac.

Last week I went to a holistic osteopath - I'm open to new things but try to remain sensible and keep one skeptical eye open. Anyhow, after he did a few things, the next day one of my symptoms had completely gone despite me really believing there'd be no difference.

The osteopath has recommended EAV testing to find out where all the aches and pains are coming from. I've read up on it and some of it sounds logical but of course it's still not recognised by the medical profession ( - but then again neither is "natural thyroid" and that's a life-saver.)

I just wanted to find out both negative and positive reviews from anyone who's had EAV testing so that I'd have more information to make my mind up with. The test costs £230 so obviously don't want to spend money on something that I can't find anyone having a positive response from.


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