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What's happening to me???

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Letmehaveausername Mon 20-Jun-16 09:26:05

Does anyone else get this?

The past couple months I've been waking up literally so hungry I start retching and feeling like I'm going to be sick. I'm not pregnant, and it doesn't matter how much or little I eat, what my diet is, how frequently I eat or if I take vitamins etc. I am starving, it feels like I'll pass out if I don't eat asap (after I've finished retching and worrying I'm about to vomit).

I've also been feeling kinda weak lately. I can be walking along or even sitting down and just suddenly feel incredibly weak. If I lift my arms above my head for more than a couple of seconds they start shaking, feel sore and weak.

My shins hurt when I walk, even for 5 minutes around the house. Tbf that's happened for years though and I've not bothered my arse about going to the doctors (because it's a nightmare trying to get an app).

And I am so tired so constantly, but not anemic. I'm a fairly active person so to start I thought I was just overdoing it so cut back a bit which seems to have made it worse rather than better. I feel spaced out a lot, can be walking to collect dc and suddenly find myself at the school and it just feels like nothing is quite real, I feel a bit dizzy and unbalanced and just generally struggle to focus on the world around me. Also feel like I'm constantly on the edge of a panic attack (although I think that's a completely seperate issue, I've struggled with anxiety and stress for some years and it has been quite a difficult couple of weeks mentally).

I do have issues with my kidneys and low blood sugar however lately they've been fine, I've been obsessively checking my blood sugar when it happens and it's been normal.

No other medication, I do smoke in case that's relevant but no where near as much as I used to, less than ten a day now (unless I'm particularly stressed).

And I know I've just said no other medication but I am on the depo injection, this all started before I got it though. The most the depo injection has done is turn me batshit hormonal can't wait til it's out my system

So anyone else know what's going on with me??? I'm only early 20s, surely I can't just be getting old already???

PollyPerky Mon 20-Jun-16 09:45:21

You need to go and see your GP. If you have had problems with your kidneys (what exactly?) you need a health MOT. What you're describing is nothing to do with getting 'older'. There could be loads of reasons- a virus, a tummy bug, low blood pressure, anaemia (how do you know you're not unless you've had a recent blood test?) or it could be partly psychological if you're stressed and anxious. As a stop gap measure why not keep some plain crackers or biscuits by the bed and eat some before you get up if you feel that empty and sick?

Letmehaveausername Mon 20-Jun-16 10:06:46

Sorry I've probably left too much out, I've got degenerative kidney disease so see a consultant fairly regularly, it's not serious mainly controlled through diet and exercise and the most I'm affected by it is trouble fighting off frequent UTI's that turn into kidney infections. I've had it for years and I get tested for anemia whenever I have an appointment with my consultant (roughly every three months). They've done extensive tests to rule out everything else so I've no other blood disorders.

It's been going on long enough for it to not be a virus or bug, I also get blood pressure taken at my consultant appointments and it's slightly high but never anything to worry about. The problems I'm experiencing have already been ruled out as to do with my kidneys (none are significant side effects of kidney disease) and I had a check up a couple months ago before I got the depo shot to make sure I was able to have it and all tests came back fine then.

My gp practice is full of locums, there's not a set doctor there (small practice in trouble) and it's honesty next to impossible to get an appointment unless you're seriously unwell or a child. Last time I tried to see the doctor I was waiting for an hour and a half before being told I'd still another 3 people in front of me and the doctor was running very behind so I upped and left and haven't been able to get another appointment since :s

Also in case it's relevant I had an ectopic pregnancy earlier this year and was more or less fine before that. I had methotrexate injections (I'm sure that's what they were called) to end the pregnancy and have been like this since roughly March (pregnancy ended middle/end of Feb) so it could well be psychological, I never thought of that before, thanks

Hellzbellz88 Tue 21-Jun-16 07:05:17

Hiya, just wondering if you been tested for vitamin d defiency. I also have kidney disease and after a biopsy five months ago, i literally starting feeling very crappy. Tired, sore bones aching everywhere. Although havnt had the morning hunger pangs? Just thought id mention it incase uv never had it tested x

PoshPenny Tue 21-Jun-16 18:39:36

I think however difficult it is to get an appointment, you should go and see a doctor.

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