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Sleep issues

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22OntarioStreet Sun 19-Jun-16 11:53:06

I've seen the Dr a couple of times about sleep problems and the fact that I feel like I haven't had a good night's sleep in about a year. I always wake up feeling tired and exhausted.

The first time he did some blood tests and told me to take herbal tablets. The second time he did blood tests again and referred me to a website, saying he couldn't do much else as tablets wouldn't help.

I'm at a loss as to what to do now. I've tried everything, done all the sleep hygiene stuff etc and I'm in the same position. I struggle to get to sleep at night but even when the sleep tracker on my Fitbit (no idea how accurate this is though) says I've slept 8 hours I still feel like I've barely slept.

I feel like I can't go back to the Dr but also that I really need to if I still feel like this? I have no idea what to say though, should I ask for sleeping tablets, a referral to someone else?

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