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extreme tiredness days after SVT?

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user1466326993 Sun 19-Jun-16 10:09:58

NC as possibly identifying...

On Friday morning I had a run of SVT at work, then I fainted and had what I'm told was a hypoxic fit. Work called an ambulance who checked me over, told me to go to my GP who checked me over and sent me straight to hospital. Consultant told me it was SVT and all about it.

Now it's Sunday and I feel so knackered, I have no stamina and just want to sit down all the time which is not like me at all. Is this normal after SVT?

AlcoChocs Sun 19-Jun-16 11:34:24

It might be normal, but best go back to GP to be checked out.
Did you have any meds in hospital? I used to get SVT, sometimes it would last for hours and I ended up in hospital twice. Was given IV Verapamil and felt exhausted for a few days after.
When I was diagnosed with Celiac disease and stopped eating gluten foods the SVTs stopped completely smile.

user1466326993 Sun 19-Jun-16 11:50:11

Thanks AlcoChocs, they didn't give me anything in hospital as it had stopped by then. They did tell me what to do if it happens again, and said I can walk straight into the hospital ward if it does, possibility of meds etc I'll call my gp if I still feel like this in the morning.

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