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Nipple pain - not breastfeeding related but what is it?

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AFingerofFudge Sat 18-Jun-16 20:53:33

During the course of Friday morning I realised my left nipple was really painful. On the actual nipple and slightly below it.
It's still really painful to the point of making me miserable and distracting me.

The whole nipple feels bigger than the other one, and there is a slight dark patch on the lower part of it. I'm occasionally getting slight sharp pains around the area.

Just for info, am not breastfeeding and haven't dtd in the last few days so it hasn't suffered a particular trauma that I've noticed.

Any ideas what it could be?? I don't often go to the doctors but am wondering if I should make an appointment it's that bad!

Lalaloopsyscaresme Sat 18-Jun-16 21:00:29

Yes i would make an appointment, any changes in your body tbat cause pain should be checked out.

AFingerofFudge Sat 18-Jun-16 21:04:36

I think I'd better phone on Monday- I feel like I have a bulldog clip attached to it sad

AFingerofFudge Sat 18-Jun-16 21:54:06

Anyone else with experience of this? Am worried in case it's more sinister than just some sort of weird injury.

MegGriffin Sun 19-Jun-16 20:50:32

Could it be an infection? Does it look red or feel warm? I would definitely get it seen to. Good luck.

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