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unsure if this is the right place :/

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chelseakennedy93 Sat 18-Jun-16 19:18:26

hi im not sure if this is the right place but was just looking to see if anyone had anything similar and if i am just being abit over anxious....
basically i found a breast lump around two months ago and it was painfull doctor sent me to the breast clinic and the doctor there examined me and said in his words" nothing bad appears with pain " and he then said he thinks its just because im slim and abit boney it could be that he sent me through for a ultrasound the lady did it and went over the lump and said ooh i felt that nothing to worry about dont need to stick any needles in you today and said go home we will right to your doctor read the info sheet everythings fine but i still have the lump and it is sore should i be worried :/ i am young and obviously thought the worst when i felt it and it hasnt gone away but that doc reassured me but at the same time it felt like he though i was being dramatic and kind off saying if its painful its nothing i can do now its still here and causing pain like a twisting and burning feeling im unsure what to do has anyone else experienced something like this or have any idea what i can do next i have tried pain relief gel but nothing works
thanks for reading

TheFirie Sat 18-Jun-16 19:28:25

Go back to the GP.
The GP's main focus was to rule out cancer, which is excellent news, so now that you all know it is not malign you can focus on the next steps and what to do to relieve pain.

There are many things that cause lumps (cyst, fibroadenomas, microcalcifications, ...) and each has solutions . To really identify what they are you should ask for a mammogram.

Do not hesitate to go back.

chelseakennedy93 Sat 18-Jun-16 19:33:34

thanks for your reply i have tried but they keep saying i have to talk to that doctor and my surgery you have to call the day you need to talk to them and shes only in one day per week its driving me mad so worried about what it could be and the doctor at the hospital didnt give me any advice on what it could be he just said he will write to my gp anduse pain relief gel but nothings working sad

TheFirie Sat 18-Jun-16 19:43:00

You can surely book any doctor at your surgery. Otherwise book a visit with her the next time she is in and be insistent. You have been in pain for months now, let her tell you what it could be and the solution for each. Even surgery could be an option.

chelseakennedy93 Sat 18-Jun-16 19:48:49

thanks i did say to them i didnt mind talking to another doctor as it would obviously be in my notes and normally they have the results of tests etc in a patients notes and all the receptionist kept saying was call again as only the doc that referred me can deal with it i will call again monday and as you say i will insist on getting a appointment with any doc as its just getting worse the pain nothing i can buy over the counter has helped

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