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Knackered pelvic floor

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pinkieandperkie Sat 18-Jun-16 18:14:43

Hello, I was wondering if any of you could recommend a good pelvic toner that works please.

iniquity Sun 19-Jun-16 09:35:23

I use aquaflex, it has helped me but its not for everyone. Is it stress incontinence you have?
If you have a big problem ask your gp for a physio referral as they will help you with all the latest gadgets and techniques.

pinkieandperkie Sun 19-Jun-16 10:19:38

IniquityThank you for your reply. I have had a quick google of Aquafkex. Sorry if too much information but no I do not have and stress incontinence, I have noticed that things do not seem so tight in the fanjo department since peri menopause has kicked in so I was looking to sort things out before it becomes a problem

PollyPerky Sun 19-Jun-16 10:59:27

You don't need to have stress inconti to use a pelvic toner. Having said that, doing pelvic floor exercises can give just as good results but you need to do 10 x 3 times a day for 16 weeks to see any improvement.

Follow physio Gussie Grips on twitter, or see the website of Michelle kenway ( another physio.)

pinkieandperkie Sun 19-Jun-16 12:04:42

Polly. Thank you for your reply, I will have a look at your suggestions x

GBBO15 Sun 19-Jun-16 12:09:12

You should look at cones as well eg
I saw a gynae physio, was referred by my GP. She lent me out a toner machine and made sure I was doing the exercises properly then moved me on to the cones. Could you get referred?

GBBO15 Sun 19-Jun-16 12:11:41

Oh, but the toner machine the Physio department gave me was a Neurotrac Continence, in case you want to look at these

pinkieandperkie Sun 19-Jun-16 12:15:49

GBB thanks for the information, will check the info out. I know that you shouldn't but I tried to stop pee flow have way through and was able to completely stop the flow so I can kind of locate my pelvic floor which is a relief. Don't you just love getting olderhmm

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