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Severe pain after being a wally

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1wokeuplikethis Thu 16-Jun-16 23:06:06

I have really hurt my back today. I was doing a 'funny run' to make my brother laugh and somehow managed to cause myself a LOT of pain.

I had a baby 4 months ago and suffered serious SPD throughout the pregnancy. Needed physio and equipment etc.
This pain today is not budging with painkillers or a hot bath and is constant. It's in my lower back, just above my left buttock by the knobbly bony bit. I cannot bend over.

Does anyone know if this is related to SPD or have I just been a bit of a twit and pulled something?
I've got my baby and my 3 year old to look after tomorrow; not sure how that will go if I can't bend over at all.

I'm cross with myself!

Hawkmoth Thu 16-Jun-16 23:10:03

It could well be SPD/PGP. You could have done something to the joints between the pelvis and the spine.

I am 14 weeks postpartum and totally bollocksed my SPD recovery last week by falling upstairs onto one knee. I could feel that it had gone out of line again, so totally plausible that you have misaligned a joint that wasn't quite back in place.

Hope you get sorted. Can you afford a specialist osteopath or similar?

NamelessEnsign Thu 16-Jun-16 23:10:20

Oh poor you!

I'm not a medic but this sounds like sacroileac dysfunction to me. I am a veteran of this pain because I have hyper mobility syndrome and my SI joints often get locked up. Sometimes I can realign myself, but I would highly recommend seeing a sports physio or possibly and osteopath.

They should be able to pop it back and give you some strengthening exercises to reduce the risk of it happening again. You need to work on your core.

It really is incredibly painful so you have my sympathies. If it is what I think it is then you will have muscles in spasm so the pain and dysfunction can affect other areas of your body too.

1wokeuplikethis Thu 16-Jun-16 23:28:48

Yes my core is non existent, I am still carrying a lot of extra weight (rapid weight gain of over 4 stone in pregnancy) and have separated abdominal muscles from having two large babies.
I'm not sure what can be done if anything at this point to strengthen, I was hoping to lose more weight and see my dr before doing any real exercise.

Spasm is a good description. I am lying in bed now and it feels exactly the same as SPD in that I can't roll over or get up and have to use both legs to move/sit down to put my pjs on etc.

I don't have the money to see an osteopath as I'm on SMP. But if I am still suffering tomorrow perhaps my husband will take pity on me and raid the piggy bank!

Hawkmoth I feel for you.

Nameless I am envious of you being able to realign yourself! How do you do that?

NamelessEnsign Fri 17-Jun-16 02:42:39

I can do some of the twists needed to pop the SI and my spine! But as I said, very bendy.

If you are still suffering diastasis recti then you very much need to get NHS Physio to treat your SPD. Ask your GP for a referral - lots can be done to help, eventually. It will take too long to deal with your acute problem though. For that you will need something much sooner.

The pain may ease off but don't be fooled - it's not easy for the SI joint to 'go back' and it really does need treating to avoid sciatic pain, back pain, muscle spasm etc.

I'm closer to 9 months post partum and my PGP is all but gone. I was in Physio from 5 months pregnant onwards and I was able to start training quite quickly. I too had massive weight gain and I'm still working on that!

Hawkmoth Fri 17-Jun-16 09:36:20

It's not realigned sad I can actually feel It at the front, asymmetrical. But it doesn't hurt as much and I don't have that feeling of being a beetle on my back like you describe.

I had my first DC in 2005 and the NHS actually provided manipulation physiotherapy. I look back fondly on those two weekly appointments where a lovely woman shoved my pelvis into place with her entire body weight.

I had a lot of SI pain after one of my pregnancies and I found that deep heat spray really worked for me.

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