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My sore back

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Mollienotaschnauzer Thu 16-Jun-16 17:52:23

On Monday at work I bent down and I couldn't get up properly I felt as if something snapped. Trying to walk and finish my shift was painful and on walking my back seized up. Driving home was terrible.

On waking Tuesday morning I couldn't get out of bed it took me 40 minutes to get downstairs and it was frightening. I had to call sick into work and I am still off work.

I called GP onTuesday she told me it sounded as if I slipped a disc and prescribed naproxen, diazepam and co-codamol.

Today (and yesterday) I have trouble getting out of bed and feel stiff after in moving position say from sitting down to getting up or vice versa.

Also having bouts where it all feels ok only for back to seize up again out of the blue.

Has anyone felt like this and would I be wasting GPs time calling them again in the morning?

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