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Sharp shooting pain up bum

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paininthebackside Tue 14-Jun-16 22:36:59

Sorry - there's probably far TMI in this post but wanted to see if anyone has experienced similar.

Occasionally, before a bowl movement, I get the most horrendous sharp shooting pains up my rectum. When it happens I can't move at all, it completely stops me in my tracks and I'm doubled over in pain. It only lasts for a few moments, and I'm fine once I've had a BM but surely this isn't normal? It's most likely to happen if I haven't been for a couple days, but that's quite normal for me.

A couple of things have happened before getting these pains. Firstly, a few years ago, I suffered from a really bad bowel condition which resulted in A LOT of internal bleeding and removal of part of my bowel. I'm not sure if they will be related though as it was the very beginning of my GI tract whereas this pain is definitely located near the bottom (literally).

Secondly I've had a baby (19months ago) and I would say the pains have definitely increased in frequency since. They're not daily - maybe once every couple of weeks - but horrendous none the less. When I was in labour, just after I had a contraction, I had the exact same shooting pains up my rectum. They were unbearable and I thought just part of the process but from speaking to their mums it's maybe not completely common? That's the only pain I can remember about childbirth - pushing was easy in comparison!

Sorry for waffling - just wondering if this is more common and nothing to worry about - or whether I should go to a GP.

SixtiesChildOfWildBlueSkies Tue 14-Jun-16 22:39:26

Proctalgia Fugax ......look it up and see if it sounds familiar.....and no, you're not alone in this.

Alicekeach Tue 14-Jun-16 22:40:20

Do you have painful periods? I had the shooting pains up the bum thing ("javelin arse" it's called on here!) and it was linked to endometriosis.

paininthebackside Tue 14-Jun-16 22:42:51

Thanks sixties - will look it up.

I get very mild cramps first day of my period but nothing sever - javelin arse sums it up perfectly grin

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