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Husbands blood all wrong

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insan1tyscartching Mon 13-Jun-16 21:16:31

Dh has a couple of blood conditions that are controlled by chemotherapy tablets. One of them causes him to have excess platelets and the other to have excess red blood cells on top of this he has diabetes.
He's been unwell for a while and the diabetes has been causing concern as it isn't as well controlled as it has been even though he is following diet and exercise and medication plans to the letter.
The chemo has been hammering his platelets lately and they are now lower than they have been in the last 15 years although still above normal and a fortnight ago his red blood cell count was low normal.
He was called back to the GP today as his repeat blood tests are of concern. His red blood cells are enlarged and he's now anaemic, his liver function levels are really bad, his platelet levels are roughly the same as a fortnight ago, his diabetes isn't good and the cholesterol levels have shot up as well.Do bloods really change that quickly as a fortnight ago there wasn't any raised concern?
GP has reordered all the tests again and has notified his consultant and has warned that dh will need more tests and probable scans to see what is happening but it might mean that his blood disorders are progressing.
Is it possible that ten years on chemo could be the cause of the troubles rather than it being the blood disorders progressing?
Another thing that has been bothering me but which dh won't mention as he denies it's happening is that at times he is confused and loses track of what's happening so he totally forgot that it had been ds's birthday the previous day and we'd had a party . Is that the diabetes do you think?

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