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What to expect at breast clinic

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JenniferHunter Mon 13-Jun-16 20:39:17

hello Just joined the site today,

I found a lump underneath my right breast yesterday (Sunday) Seen my gp today and she is doing referral to breast clinic, says can take a few weeks to get an appointment.

Im absolutely petrified at what to expect. Im 26 with 3 kids, also have an underactive thyroid and waiting on a scan for my neck as also have a lump their.

Feel like the whole world is on top of me at the moment sad !

KateLivesInEngland Mon 13-Jun-16 20:46:22

This was me this time last year! I want to say try not to worry but I've been there and it's impossible! flowers
At my clinic they ultrasound scanned my breast then sent me for a more detailed scan at another part of the hospital. Didn't take that long.
I had mondors disease, a non harmful lesion on the vessels in the breast that righted itself. Not cancer! It isn't always cancer.
Lots of hugs my dear flowersflowers

Leavetheblindsdown Mon 13-Jun-16 20:59:07

I had this recently. It all turned out ok, but took a lot of time and was stressful waiting.
I suspect that at your age you are very low risk. I'm much older so higher risk.
1) I waited to see the consultant. She did a thorough breast exam (feeling all over both breasts), and drew a circle round the lump.
2) Then I was sent up to the scanning department. Had a mammogram done (where they squeeze each breast on a machine), and then an ultrasound (put a kind of jelly on your breast and go over it with a scanning stick).
3) Then the consultant again, and although the scans were fine she was worried about the possibility of a kind of cancer the scanning doesn't pick up, so she took a biopsy from 3 places (they stick something like a needle in, and take out little chunks, then put a plaster on).
4) Had to go back the following week for the biopsy result. All clear.
5)They then called me in to have another biopsy, and wrote to me with the result of that one. All clear.

JenniferHunter Mon 13-Jun-16 21:16:42

Thanks for your reply ladies, soo glad yous got good results.

Its just so stressful, and also only telling my partner so only having him to speak to is quite hard, cause he's just like try not worry just yet, which is soo hard not to do.

Hopefully appointment doesn't take too long and can get on with it.
Was the mammogram sore, will they still do that to me or just an ultrasound.


TheoriginalLEM Mon 13-Jun-16 21:31:32

You may well not have a mammogram due to your age as the breast tissue is too dense . It doesn't hurt - its uncomfortable and awkward. You will probably have an ultrasound and possibly abiopsy. They will tell you straight away if they are suspicious.

remember 9 out of 10 lumps are benign and even if, IF it isnr treatments are v effective.

Keep busy and drink camomile tea.

SaltyMyDear Mon 13-Jun-16 21:37:16

They will do everything they need to to get an answer.

i.e, like a PP said you could have a breast exam, mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy.

You will probably get an answer the same day.

You can be there for hours and hours. Because they do the mammogram and then decide if they want to do an ultrasound. etc.

And of course it is unlikely to be cancer due to your age. Most lumps aren't cancer.

2madboys Tue 14-Jun-16 11:28:08

Hi Jennifer. I found a lump just before Christmas last year. I was lucky enough to have private healthcare through husband's work, so got seen very quickly. Experiences are much the same as the others. I had an exam with the consultant. After that a mammogram - not as bad as I expected. I then saw the ultrasound guy, who was able to tell me at that stage that the lump was just a cyst. He drained it on the spot using a needle. That was a bit unpleasant and it was bleeding, so needed quite a lot of pressure for a while, which was a bit painful, but at that stage I was so relieved that it was just a cyst, it was ok. I then saw the consultant again.

Just to reassure you - I am classed as high risk as although we don't carry the gene in our family (Mum was tested last year), there is high incidence of breast cancer. My Mum has had it, her Mum and several Aunts did too. Both my sisters have had lumps and all of ours have been benign. Mum is 77 and fighting fit (had cancer 25 years ago).

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