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Cost of porcelain inlay/crown/London Vital Europe clinic

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justanotherquestion Mon 13-Jun-16 15:10:58

Just wondered whether anyone can advise on porcelain dental inlays.
I have cracked an upper molar which already has a filling. To strengthen the tooth I have been advised to have an inlay. The root is fine, so my understanding is that I do not need a full crown. The dentist (private) has quoted £700 for porcelain and around £200 for metal.

I am currently entitled to free NHS treatment, so although I can pay, £700 is a lot. I am told I would only get metal on the NHS.

Does anyone know whether the £700 is reasonable or should I shop around?

I notice Vital Europe do porcelain inlays for £200 at their London clinic and as I am in London I am considering this. Anyone had treatment at Vital Europe in London and can recommend?

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