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"Sunburn" feeling on face, but no sun

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AnonymousBird Mon 13-Jun-16 08:50:26

Yesterday afternoon, my face felt very flushed whilst driving. When I got home, I looked like I had been sitting in the sun all day. The whole face was exactly the colour I would go if I had done. Not blotchy, or raised, no pimples/rash etc, just a total "pink" (I am quite fair skinned), warm to touch and warm feeling to me as well.

It rained most of yesterday, and I was barely outside, so it is not the sun. Even the day before, when the weather was better, I wasn't outside particularly and I had my usual face cream with SPF in it.

I was so hot in the face that I had to use an ice pack to cool it down before bedtime. It has settled a bit, overnight, but still just has the feel and look of sun exposure. DH had been loath to say anything, but when I mentioned it, he thought I had somehow been to a sunbed without him knowing!

What else might cause this? Not changed soaps/creams or any other such thing and not aware I have eaten or drunk anything new. And it is only my face.

TIA for any tips.

justanotherquestion Mon 13-Jun-16 21:48:21

Could it be the parvo virus? I'm not sure whether you can 'feel' that though. Other symptoms are a mild fever, mild cold and tiredness. Otherwise, could it be an allergy? I know you have n't changed creams etc, but my face did this when I was allergic to ibuprofen, although there was some swelling too.

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