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Laxido/impaction question - way TMI on this thread!

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Mypoorbelly Sat 11-Jun-16 22:55:03

I've been on laxido and senna for the past few days and have only been passing watery stools where previously I've been passing a high volume of soft stools, however I was diagnosed with severe constipation or an impaction.

Fast forward to today and the medicine seems to be doing something only all its doing is making me pass high volumes of fluids and now lose my bowel continence. I've never had this issue before, ever.

When will it end!

Do I keep going with the laxido/senna combo as advised or do I hold fire til this passes? I was given no advice whatsoever and need help! This is going to be a very very long night

JustWantToBeDorisAgain Sat 11-Jun-16 23:32:45

How were you diagnosed ? X-ray.?

Personally I would keep going if the liquid you are passing is still faeces, if you are experiencing incontinince then all supermarkets sell pads for incontinence which you could use.

Impacation is a nightmare, hope you start to feel better soon!

Mypoorbelly Sat 11-Jun-16 23:44:31

Yes it was by xray and yes the liquid is faecal still. Really?! Do I have to keep going with it?

My name has become really rather apt right now sad

Thank you for the support though

Simmi1 Sun 12-Jun-16 08:55:13

I've been having bowel problems for a while now. It's grim! Hope you feel better soon flowers

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