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DivaDroid Sat 11-Jun-16 21:41:09

Spotted a little white wriggly thing on DDs bum tonight (was looking to see as she was complaining of itching).
Looks like we all need wormed sad
The nearest pharmacy to us is not open until 10am tomorrow. Is there anything I can get from our 24hr supermarket (10min drive) or will we be OK to leave it till tomorrow?
I know we have to strip beds & scrub house too.
Despite DS being 8 & DD being 5, we've never had these before & I'm panicking a bit.

crunchymommy Sat 11-Jun-16 21:53:45

My DD has had them. You'll be okay to wait until tomorrow they're not harmful at all. Boots sell a 4 pack of orange flavoured Threadworms tablets you all take one tablet each and that's you all treated. Then just wash bedding and hover and damp dust and practice very regular hand washing. Some people also recommend a second tablet in 2 weeks to kill any new eggs you might have swallowed and that will end the cycle. Don't worry though not harmful and not uncommon. Just a bit unpleasant if your squeamish like me.

DivaDroid Sat 11-Jun-16 21:56:47

Thank you - I'm working tomorrow afternoon, so DH will have fun grin

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