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Pain in c section scar after stomach bug

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Misscocopops Sat 11-Jun-16 20:59:33

Hi all.
I had my dd by emcs nearly 2 years ago now (end of September)
Since Monday I've had a horrific stomach virus. Sorry if tmi but sickness, diarreah, sweats, chills, stomach ache the works. Still not 100 percent today but I've been up and about since Friday.
My question is the left side of my c section scar is hurting. I can't really describe the pain. It's not shooting or stabbing and is more than and ache. It hurts on the surface and below the surface. Only like a 4/10 but enough for me to notice.
Could it be linked to the stomach virus I've had? Maybe from contracting so much? Has anyone else had this?
I've not had any problems with my scar and I'm fit and active. Healthy weight and I lift weights at the gym etc.
Any advice will be greatly appreciated as I couldn't find anything o line and do the want to bother my Dr.

Thanks in advanced for any answers x

eurochick Sat 11-Jun-16 21:05:23

I would guess you have pulled some adhesions but I'm not a dr (just someone who had a section almost two years ago too). The area above my scar is tender every time I ovulate from my left side. I've never had it checked out but blame that on adhesions too.

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