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Reflux? Heart palps

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wineandsunshine Sat 11-Jun-16 20:51:02


Just looking for any advice or anyone experienced similar?!
So I have a history of bad indigestion from years ago, I think stress related, periods of time on prescription antacids. I've also had heart palps alongside this which my GP said was caused by irritation from my stomach, heart checked thoroughly (in hospital).

Anyway it's got pretty bad recently, I'm very bloated under my rib cage, it's tender, I have so many heart palps it's making my anxiety bad again sad and I have a slight stab by pain on my left side (as you look at me) - Google suggests gallbladder?? Could this be linked??

I'm so down about this now I just wondered if anyone could help or is it time for a GP visit again!

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