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Stress causing physical symptoms (muscle weakness)?

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TeenAndTween Sat 11-Jun-16 16:51:33

My usually fit and healthy 16yo woke up earlier this week with weak legs.
By lunchtime she could only walk with support.
We spent a day at the hospital where they did tests, ruled out loads of stuff, but no conclusion.

One possibility mooted is that it is stress related. She has had a lot happen to her in her life, and this year (1st year 6th form) has been particularly difficult.

I've done a search of the web but failed to find easily anything about this kind of thing. Anyone any experience or know of sources of information?

Pythonesque Sat 11-Jun-16 17:08:13

Trying including the word somatisation in your searches, it is a general term which refers to the physical manifestations of predominantly psychological / stress triggered problems.

Sometimes merely acknowledging that symptoms have been triggered by stress can be the key step to them starting to improve; not to minimise them in any way though! To suggest this origin is to help explain real and unpleasant symptoms, not to say "it's all in your mind". Bringing the possibility up early in the process can be protective against long-term problems.

Having said that, there are probably some results from her tests that will take longer to come back. The doctors in charge of her care will be working with a multi-pronged approach until things become clearer. The other thing is that how her symptoms evolve over time will give more pointers as to their origin. I hope you've got some sort of followup review arranged.

Have you had some practical advice as to what she should be trying to do / how you can help her at the moment? If not I'd be talking to whoever's seen her on Monday for more advice.

Best wishes.

TeenAndTween Sat 11-Jun-16 19:56:37

Thank you, that is really really helpful. smile

She is aware that one possibility is stress. Luckily she has nearly a whole week off college next week, so that will help. The consultant is also making a referral to CAMHS as that will help DD regardless (though I know that make take months).

The advice was to do stuff to keep busy and keep her mind off things, and to try to stay mobile and not use walking aids. And to come back in a week if not better.

Pain killers are helping, she is in less pain today, though legs apt to buckle suddenly and mainly needs a shoulder to lean on to go anywhere.

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