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Breast clinic referral what to expect?

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TheMightyMing Thu 09-Jun-16 22:26:49

I found a lump in my breast last week, fairly large, mobile to the side. I managed to get a GP appointment for today and he's referring me to the clinic to have it checked out. He said it feels uniform not jagged. I've no family history, aged 45, non smoker, slim and healthy.

What will happen at the appointment? How long will I wait? I do have private healthcare but he indicated appointments usually come through fairly quickly.

At this point I'm mildly concerned rather than panicking.

Umblubblub Thu 09-Jun-16 22:35:01

You're likely to be seen within 2 weeks of him referring you and you'll probably go to a one stop clinic where you'll have a mammogram/ultrasound and possibly a biopsy all done the same day. You'll usually see a breast surgeon too, and if you've had a biopsy done they might make a follow up appointment for the results.
Try not to worry, most breast lumps are benign, but better safe than sorry. Hope all goes well for you.

baldisbeautiful Thu 09-Jun-16 22:35:40

My DD(15) found a lump on Monday evening. She was understandably petrified. Saw the gp Tuesday morning, she said she believed it was just a cyst but would refer for ultrasound just to be sure. DD gets very anxious about stuff generally but this was off the scale! We don't have private healthcare but we took the decision to pay for a private appointment and by 3,45 that afternoon we were sat in front of one of the leading breast consultants in the country. Scan confirmed all clear thankfully, but DD needed to know that and quickly. NHS should see you within 2 weeks but if you have private healthcare then I would make the most of it, it's what it's there for after all. I had a call today offering her a scan next Tuesday on the NHS so they have been very quick off the mark but in our circumstances a rapid private appointment was definitely the right way to go. Very best wishes xx

chewingawasp Thu 09-Jun-16 22:35:54

You should be seen within 2 weeks although I had to wait 3 weeks for my referral. First of all I saw a consultant who felt the lump and gave his opinion and put a needle in it to see if it was a cyst. Then I had ultrasound and mammogram and went back to the consultant to discuss results. My scans showed areas of concern so I have had some biopsies and am now awaiting results.
If it's mobile it's generally a good sign. If it's a cyst this will be easily identifiable too I gather. Good luck and try not to panic but I know that's easier said than done.

TheMightyMing Thu 09-Jun-16 22:46:06

Thanks all! Bald I'm glad your daughter is ok, she's so very young! Chewing awasp hope you get good results !

I'll see what appointment they come back with and might consider going private if required, I only have to pay the first £100 so it's not the money, I just thought I was being overly dramatic! Thanks for your wishes umblubb .

mrsclooneytoyou Thu 09-Jun-16 23:31:38

I was seen within 2weeks (Manchester)
I was at the breast clinic for 5 hours, had a consultation, ultrasound and 2 mammograms, I got the results there and then.
flowers op, try not to worry.

MyUsernameDoesntHaveNumbers Thu 09-Jun-16 23:35:28

I found a lump on the Saturday, got Drs appointment on Tuesday and was in the breast clinic on Thursday. Had mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy and got the results all within three hours.
For me I did need surgery which I had on the Monday. The NHS at its best!

Wolfiefan Thu 09-Jun-16 23:37:10

I found a lump. Referred to a specialist clinic. They scanned and I got the all clear then.
Hoping for the same for you.

TheMightyMing Fri 10-Jun-16 00:13:16

Thanks all, mrsclooney I'm Stockport close to Mcr boundary, so hopefully mine will be quick too.

Just want to get it checked out and over with.

CarbeDiem Fri 10-Jun-16 00:45:06

I found a lump around a year ago. GP confirmed it was suspicious and fast tracked me under the 14 day rapid referral. Exactly 2 weeks later I was at the breast clinic. I had the consultant examine my breast first. Then the mammogram. It was decided that I needed a biopsy done too as the mammogram results showed abnormalities.
I was sent away fro a cuppa for an hour while the biopsy results came back. Thankfully it was benign tissue.
The whole appt from start to finish lasted around 3 hours and I was so grateful I got the results back the same day. This was NHS not private.
Good luck, hope all is well for you xx

mrsclooneytoyou Fri 10-Jun-16 00:59:24

Ming,I was sent to North Manchester General (crumpsall) they were excellent

TheMightyMing Fri 10-Jun-16 10:19:14

Really appreciate the posts - on the face of it I'm fairly low risk. I can't believe that I haven't noticed it sooner as it's pretty big, I'm sure it's just popped up last week. Fingers crossed it's just a cyst or similar

SmellTheGlove Sat 11-Jun-16 16:20:00

I saw the doctor last week and have appt at Breast Clinic on Monday. 11 days, so pretty quick. They said to allow 4hrs as all tests would be done then. My lump is tiny, like a seed, probably smaller than an apple seed. So I keep thinking it's so bloody small it can't be anything. I'm surprisingly not that worried. At least I'll know on Monday anyway. Good luck to all waiting.

JenniferHunter Mon 13-Jun-16 20:37:21

hello Just joined the site today,

I found a lump underneath my right breast yesterday (Sunday) Seen my gp today and she is doing referral to breast clinic, says can take a few weeks to get an appointment.

Im absolutely petrified at what to expect. Im 26 with 3 kids, also have an underactive thyroid and waiting on a scan for my neck as also have a lump their.

Feel like the whole world is on top of me at the moment sad !

TheMightyMing Mon 13-Jun-16 21:43:55

Hi all, my appointment is next Monday. I've been told not to wear perfume, make up or deodorant, so think I'll work at home that day or risk scaring my colleagues.
Smell and Jen - Hope all is well. Jen I've an under active thyroid, I've been medicated for 2 years. The lump in your neck might be a goitre , and this is fairly typical I think? Are you aware that you don't pay for any prescriptions if you are on medication for thyroid, even if unrelated to your condition?

Hope alls well for us and for anyone else waiting. I'll report back on what happens just in case it helps. Once again thanks for sharing.

SmellTheGlove Tue 14-Jun-16 11:39:19

Hello, just thought I'd fill you in on my experience yesterday. First saw consultant oncologist, who took a history and did breast exam. As soon as she felt it she said she was pretty sure it was nothing to worry about, probably a collapsed cyst (!), but given my age (44 ) and the fact that I apparently have very lumpy breasts (which I never realised, as I have only ever felt my own!) she wanted to do a mammogram and probably an ultrasound as she thought it might not show on mammogram as very small. So then waited for mammogram, which was a bit uncomfortable but not painful, probably as I have pretty large boobs, then I had an ultrasound. At the ultrasound the doctor showed me the tiny lump, said it was benign, and explained that the edges were clearly defined and there was nothing suspicious. And that was it! Off I went. 2 hours all in. I have to say never have I been more impressed with the NHS. Every person who saw me, doctors, radiologists, reception staff was so nice. It was really not an unpleasant experience. Good luck to anyone else waiting.

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