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What's going on here - please help

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SoreTummy Wed 08-Jun-16 21:02:51

Name changed as this will totally out me.

I've had abdominal problems for a while now. I've had a childhood operation, three CS, one salpingectomy and on my last CS (2.4 years ago) the surgeon said there was so much scar tissue gumming everything together than my bladder had ripped during contractions (attempted VBA2C) and caused problems in the surgery. Apparently I keloid scar internally. Prior to this I had been having issues that was under vague investigation for endometriosis, which potentially was the cause of the ectopic pg. I seemed able to control it (well enough to get pregnant again) with diet, but the endometriosis diet is extremely strict and limiting, so even if it does work it's not an attractive prospect.

Anyway, whatever is going on is still as yet undiagnosed and it is starting to get to me. The pattern is that from ovulation until my period starts I experience lower abdominal pain, varying in intensity month by month and even during those two weeks. I also feel swollen and bloated, and if I lie on my back I can feel hard tissue around the area. I am reasonably slim but at times look a few months pregnant. It also seems to link with bowel issues (farting blush and constipation).

Is it possible to have hormonally-driven scar tissue that could be swelling when certain hormones are high, that also irritates the bowel and gives IBS type symptoms? Is this a thing? Or am I making too much of it? I don't think it's basic endo (if there is such a thing...) as I don't have heavy periods and some of the other symptoms, and it is most painful during ovulation (hence the inability to get pregnant again - no one was coming near me at that time of the month! Not an issue now; single for over 2 years).

I've had a few scans, including a recent US, but nothing is showing up. They won't offer the lap investigation for endo: due to the way I seem to scar it could cause as many problems as it solves, and may well not be that anyway. I am reluctant to go on the pill to solve it for a number of reasons (but as I sit here curled in pain with a heat pad on it, which helps, it seems like a viable option, certainly).

Does anyone have any advice, please? Apologies for the essay blush

Titsywoo Wed 08-Jun-16 21:31:26

I have something similar - I have also been told endo even though physically no endo seen as too much scar tissue. I had pelvic inflammatory disease a few years ago and the problems have arisen since then - also just have issues around ovulation and before my period. I have none of the typical endo symptoms. I think surely stuff swells up around these times of the month and with a pelvis full of scarring that will be a touch uncomfortable? I wonder whether the endo diagnosis is correct for me personally but it is one of those diseases that they are still finding out about. Hope you manage to get some more answers.

SoreTummy Wed 08-Jun-16 21:39:26

I'm sorry to hear that Titsywoo. Have you found anything that helps? It's horrible - I also hope you manage to get some answers and solutions.

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