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IBS- anyone like to compare notes and symptoms?

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SwanLakes Wed 08-Jun-16 10:12:32

I don't know if I have IBS or not. I've been gluten and dairy free for many years because they both affected my eczema and gluten seemed to give me the runs.

I've always had 'active' bowels- 3 poos a day is normal for me, but they are always firmish and formed (sorry for TMI.)

I don't each much anyway (am petite) so some days I wonder how on earth I'm doing 3 x 1 ft poos!

My bowels always go into overdrive if I'm anxious and always have- like 3 times before 10am if I have a train to catch or a dental appt!

However, over the last few months I've had a couple of episodes lasting 2-3 days when I have felt really unwell. It's started with lots of poos- 5 a day- all formed but always needing to go after eating or drinking. On top of that I've had terrible stomach / bowel cramps that made me come out in a sweat and double up in pain, relieved by going for a poo. I've also felt weak, slightly headachy and with a bit of a temperature.

I know quite a lot about IBS - DD has it and has got on very well with the FOdmap under a dietician - but I don't know if I've got IBS or a tummy bug. I've not got the 'runs' but am pooing a lot and feel very weak.

I've been eating plain, bio yoghurt for some time now and thought I had no reaction, but maybe I can give that up for a week and see how I go.

I could try the fodmap but have a restricted diet anyway due to another condition so it's going to really limit what I can eat.

Does this sound like IBS or is it a tummy bug?

Mypoorbelly Wed 08-Jun-16 14:13:52

I discovered today I have severe constipation/faecal impaction. I've had ibs for years and go several times a day every day but it transpires I only ever empty the lower few cms of my bowel, as such I've been having mysterious upper abdomen pain no one could work out the cause of.

I was referred to the gastroenterology team and saw the specialist today who sent me for an xray and diagnosed the above and said I need laxatives long term (talking several years if not life long). So going several times a day may be the sign of things not working further up the gut. Get referred and get checked out thoroughly, ibs is a diagnosis of exclusion.

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