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what's this on my foot

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knittedslippersx2 Wed 08-Jun-16 06:57:33

Anyone know what this is? It appeared yesterday. Can't be a blister as didn't have shoes on. To start with it was green in colour and now it's got darker. It's tender to touch and although it's on the side of my foot it hurts to walk.

ladylambkin Wed 08-Jun-16 06:59:48

It looks like a blood blister? Sterilise a needle and pop it to see if the blood disperses

knittedslippersx2 Wed 08-Jun-16 07:02:23

I thought that. Can you get a blister without having anything rubbing on your foot? I just had mule type sandals on, so no straps or anything where the thing is!

ladylambkin Wed 08-Jun-16 07:05:40

My son sometimes gets them and like you didn't feel his shoes pinching or anything. Maybe something to do with the heat?

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