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Do I have throat cancer..

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Kaitlinb24 Mon 06-Jun-16 19:52:53

I keep getting throat doctor says I have tonsillitis but my lymph nodes on my right side is still very enlarged.I am a former smoker so I'm nervous if it might be something more serious.Ive been on antibiotics for 6 days,it doesn't hurt when I swallow but the enlargement is still

NanaNina Tue 07-Jun-16 18:21:49

Sorry I can't make out the picture. Dentists (good ones) are competent in knowing if there is cause for concern. If you are worried ask the GP for a referral to an ENT specialist. Unless you are feeling unwell (not unwell as in a throat infection) but seriously exhausted, losing weight without dieting etc., a constant hoarse voice, and difficulty in swallowing, lumps in the glands in the neck,

it sounds like you do in fact have recurring tonsillitis. I'm no medic by the way but I think you'll find the info I have given you is accurate.

You will be tired because our bodies use the energy to fight the infection.

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