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why do these things happen at the weekend?!

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BearGryllsHasaBigRope Sat 04-Jun-16 08:57:37

So my left breast decided to do something weird this morning. I was moisturising my belly and boobs (18 weeks pregnant) and my left breast sort of bumped up at the top, as I was rubbing it upwards. After a few seconds the lumps disappeared. It felt quite uncomfortable as it was happening, and obviously as a medical test I did it a few more times.

Now I have to wait til Monday to book a doctors appt to get it checked out. Typical sad

Notthinkingclearly Sat 04-Jun-16 09:15:08

Could it be a vein. I had a long lumpy vein that used to show up every morning for a few minutes then disappear. It wasn't blue just raised skin. Think hormones can cause it. This happened for a week or so.

BearGryllsHasaBigRope Sat 04-Jun-16 09:35:50

No it was over a probably 2 inch sq area, so not really the same shape to be a vein. I'm hoping I just shoved a few milk ducts around and they didn't like it.

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