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Can I use hydrocortisone on genitals?

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Notthinkingclearly Sat 04-Jun-16 08:55:07

I have eczema and currently have a patch on outer labia. Can I use hydrotrisone on it? Packet says no but then it's says not on face either so wanted to know if anyone uses it?

Lweji Sat 04-Jun-16 08:56:04

On the outside skin it might be fine. Not inside.

Woodenmouse Sat 04-Jun-16 09:01:22

No! I work in a pharmacy. It's to strong for the face and genitals. Talk to your gp and they can prescribe something.

Notthinkingclearly Sat 04-Jun-16 09:03:34

Thanks all but I have much stronger steroids for my face so that's why I am confused.

SaveSomeSpendSome Sat 04-Jun-16 09:06:42

Yes you can

I ve had it prescribed for down there. It was a 1.5% though

Notthinkingclearly Sat 04-Jun-16 09:11:30

Thanks spendsome. This is 1 % so hopefully ok for the weekend until I can see dr on Monday. I will use sparingly.

SaveSomeSpendSome Sat 04-Jun-16 09:15:05

Twice a day for 7 days i had it for. Was area before applying each time.

Also try hydromol soap free liquid bath additive to wash with in future. Its for eczema and has stopped a flare up since

Notthinkingclearly Sat 04-Jun-16 09:16:44

Thank you for advice spendsome.

Notthebumtroll Fri 17-Jun-16 15:07:31

Yup you can

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