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Apisectomy following Root Canal , any experiences ?

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LIZS Wed 17-Jan-07 17:17:18

Following my front tooth "dying", treatment with a root filling and ab's for inflamed gum around the base of the tooth, I'm due to have an apisectomy next week, to drain the remaining infection (apparently 5mm thick). I'm having a local anaesthetic and understand he'll make an incision which will need stitching. Anyone experienced similar ? How sore/painful is it likely to be afterwards, am I limited in what I can eat/drink ? Googling on this is scary

oxocube Wed 17-Jan-07 17:53:33

God, no idea Liz but good luck. Sounds serious

LIZS Wed 17-Jan-07 19:41:22

anyone ?

car25 Wed 17-Jan-07 22:49:09

Yes, I had this done quite a few years ago now.

It all started with me chipping my front tooth when I fell off my bike when I was about 12 years old, I then went on to get an abcess and had problems with this tooth for a few years.

Anyway to the apisectomy, as I said it was also my front tooth, they went in through the front of the gum. Obviously I was numb, and to be honest it is no worse than root canal treatment. With regard to afterwards, I think I rinsed with salt water and probably had pain killers, but it was over 10 years so my memory is patchy.

Eventually I did end up losing the tooth and now have one denture on a little plate. I think I live quite near you (?) and I had this done at the Queen Vic in E Grinstead.

LIZS Thu 18-Jan-07 14:09:06

Oooh I'm seeing Dr Lavery at East Grinstead Mc Indoe centre, he seems nice and is hopeful the tooth will survive. Sorry yours wasn't a success

oxocube Thu 18-Jan-07 16:52:05

Good luck Liz. I've had loads of horrid dental work (bridging etc) and was very dentist phobic until about 4 years when I found a lovely dentist who is very generous with the novocain and kind and sympathetic. He has done some great work recently for me. Hope it all goes well for you

noddyholder Thu 18-Jan-07 16:57:00

I had this done following a root canal that just wouldn't settle I too eventually had the tooth out in November and I wish I had had that done to start as the pain I suffered over a long time with that tooth was awful and the dentist who eventually removed it said losing teeth like that was normal and not that unusual.

TickledPink Thu 18-Jan-07 17:57:58

I had root canal treatment in my front tooth after an accident Sep 2005 and still have pain in my tooth. I have much sympathy LIZS. I live in EG and the hospital are wonderful. In fact going tomorrow with DD. Good Luck x x

LIZS Fri 26-Jan-07 13:03:11

Well have had it done - mouth coming round and it is starting to throb a bit. I was ok until he started saying and now I can see the root .... bleugh !! AB's , mouthwash/salt water and soft diet until the stitches dissolve.

Frithe Mon 30-Jan-17 15:11:11

Hello, I've been referred to this for a top front tooth. Just wondering how it is now, whether you had any complications over the years, and whether you've lost the tooth now like the other postees? Thanks

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