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Piles ?!? Feel a bit anxious, no horror stories please!

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cookiedoughballs Fri 03-Jun-16 12:37:18

Hi ladies
I did write a post just yesterday but am getting myself in a bit of state now (I am of anxious disposition!)
I'm late 20s, been getting fresh blood when I go to the toilet last few days. No pain. Had slight itchiness from time to time but nothing really.... Went and saw a doctor who examined me. Couldn't see anything.
She said "you may have an internal hemmorhoid as I briefly felt something squidgy"
But she didn't seem very confident, didn't put my mind at rest at all. She said to leave it 6 weeks as she hopes it'll just resolve on its own but if not then camera up the bum!!
Typically, today, my BM was very loose with urgency and not like it normally would be - is this probably due to my anxiety??
Has anyone had internal hemmorhoids without any symptoms other than just a little bleeding? Any advice appreciated x

cupidsgame Fri 03-Jun-16 18:56:24

Yes I did, just red blood and slight itching. No pain at all.

girlandboy Fri 03-Jun-16 19:03:04

Not me, but my DH did. And it was A LOT of blood! Like a heavy period amount of blood. The doctor couldn't see anything and pronounced that it might be an internal pile, but to leave it and keep a watch on the situation.
Coincidentally he was called for a camera up the bum a couple of months later due to his age, and there was nothing sinister and no sign of internal piles. The hospital said that he must have had one but it had healed.
No itchy bum either!
I have external piles which can get VERY itchy sad

InanimateCarbonRod Fri 03-Jun-16 19:07:44

I had some bleeding recently. Went for a colonoscopy (which was fine btw, I was heavily sedated and don't remember a thing) and they found nothing. Not even piles. It happens sometimes I guess.

TaintForTheLikesOfWe Fri 03-Jun-16 19:14:48

I have suffered with Chalfonts for years OP. If it's fresh bright red blood it will be piles for sure. They are as itchy as hell at times too. I find keeping my pelvic floor in trim helps enormously.

cookiedoughballs Fri 03-Jun-16 19:24:13

Thank you all so much / this website is amazing for support flowers

Notthebumtroll Fri 17-Jun-16 15:08:42

It's quite normal and nothing to worry about op, I've been suffering from them recently.

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