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Anyone any idea what this is? Strange spots on palm

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BoatyMcBoat Fri 03-Jun-16 01:44:11

Very itchy, am scratching away for England. Can you see a blob near the shadow? That's where it started. It was very itchy and kept scratching it while reading without thinking about it. Then just now I actually looked and saw those tiny white spots, which are also very itchy.

I suspect it's lurgy!

I'd be glad if anyone can identify what it is, though.


BoatyMcBoat Fri 03-Jun-16 01:46:22

Oh, and the blob comes and goes (always in the same place). Sometimes it itches and sometimes it doesn't.

LovelyLungtch Fri 03-Jun-16 02:02:09

When I had infected excema on my hand it looked like those itchy white spots. The other bit looks like a wart to me.

AGnu Fri 03-Jun-16 02:18:19

I get pompholyx which is like tiny itchy bumps filled with clear fluid. Could explain the original itchy bump, I've never had it get infected with white pus though.

BoatyMcBoat Fri 03-Jun-16 22:44:49

Thanks. I shall go to the pharmacist tomorrow. It's no worse, I'm happy to say!

MiniMum97 Tue 07-Jun-16 18:07:42

Yes looks like pomphylox eczema. I found changing my hand wash to a chemical free one got rid of mine. Now only get the odd spot very occasionally.

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