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Fenton's procedure -recovery and anaesthetic

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Sunflower239471 Thu 02-Jun-16 17:31:42

Has anyone had Fenton's procedure before? I'm debating whether to have it done to clear a skin/web type obstruction.
Have been looking through old posts about this but can't find anything recent.
What I would like to know is -how long was the recovery? And when was it possible to resume sex? (And was it still painful?)
I'm also meant to having it under local anaesthetic -the surgeon says it only takes 5 mins to do. Most people on here seem to have been under a general anaesthetic - has anyone had experience with a local one? Thanks to anyone in advance smile

I'm meant to be doing a long haul flight with my 6mo 4 days after the procedure.

Bluebell66 Fri 03-Jun-16 16:07:52

I had it done Sunflower, albeit 14 years ago, under general anaesthetic. The recovery was long and incredibly painful. I couldn't leave the house for at least a week, so I would say a long haul flight four days later is a little optimistic, unless of course, yours is more minor than mine was. It's better than it was, but even now, I do experience pain in that area.

bonzo77 Fri 03-Jun-16 16:16:23

Yes. 10 years ago under GA. Was sore for about 1 week. Sex after around 4 weeks. The sex was not painful. I had the procedure for what sounds like similar reasons. Not sure id fancy a long haul flight so soon after: can you delay either the op of the trip?

Sunflower239471 Thu 09-Jun-16 03:55:06

Thanks so much for your responses. The op could be delayed but I'd have to wait 4 months and not have as much recovery time. Plus I'd be back at work from maternity. As soon as I get the flight over with, I have got quite a bit of time to relax. Still a bit unsure.

Sadiebrolly Sun 19-Jun-16 15:54:30

I had the procedure a week ago because my original episiotomy ( November 2015) had healed with granulated tissue. Was told it'd be under general anaesthetic but was given option of a spinal block on the day ( which I opted for) so that I could breastfeed safely afterwards. The actual procedure was quick and I was home a few hours later. I'm still in pain a week later, though this is manageable with painkillers. I'm a little concerned it's not healing well so am going to see GP to check its all ok. Personally, I'd have thought a flight so soon afterwards would be difficult. Good luck with decision.

Sunflower239471 Mon 20-Jun-16 02:24:12

Thanks for advice. I decided not to do it just yet and see if more conservative options work. I'm still breastfeeding and my body doesn't feel quite back to normal yet, so thought I'd wait and see. Flying for 14 hours didn't seem wise!
Good luck with your recovery and I hope things feel better soon. Let us know how you go in a couple of months time.

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