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Hand, Foot and Mouth!!! Help!!

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angharad Mon 20-May-02 15:06:38

DH and DS2 both seem to have hand, foot and mouth. Blisters in mouth, spotty hands etc..The pharmacist seemed to think that there was nothing to be done except wait it out as it's viral and could only be 100% confirmed by a blood test. Is this right? Also I wondered if I should take them to the GP as I remember my school being closed because there was an outbreak? NHS Direct were totally unhelpful...

Dixie Mon 20-May-02 15:15:53

there is a thread somewhere under a different heading with loads of input messages but from memory I recall it was a case of just waiting for it to pass but various suggestions were made to make little 'uns more comfortable. It was also said that it is highly contagious so keep away from other children & wash your hands regularly yourself when you are in contact with them as you (and any other carers) are at risk of catching it...

pupuce Mon 20-May-02 16:50:02

Yes I know there are several threads on this as I took part in some of them. DS and I both had it in November last year... it's really not fun but it goes - it is quite common in children and it is "harmless" even if painful.
I also remembered checking the internet and found lots of things... again do a search on this site I think I probably copied the internet links I found at the time.
Good luck.

charliesmummy Thu 23-May-02 00:16:22

Angharad - several threads as Pupuce says and we had it and huge sympathy it is VILE. Its viral, yes sit it out, handwashing VERY IMPORTANT, can be passed on to carers - I got viral tonsilitis YUK. However, I would not hesitate to visit my GP, it is always worth them having a look, and putting your mind at rest which it appears NHS Direct did not. Good luck you will have to wear you patient hat with DH and with DS2.

SofiaAmes Thu 23-May-02 00:46:35

Funnily enough, my neighbor's son has it too. He goes to the same childminder as my son. He had all the symptoms that I had read about in a paediatrics book I have from the states. My friend thought I was joking when I "diagnosed" it in her son this afternoon. She had already taken him to the gp that morning who had misdiagnosed it as thrush and spent ages on the phone with nhs direct who were useless, though they finally got a doctor to call her who did confirm over the phone that yes her son has foot and mouth. My book says that it is viral and there is no cure and it takes 7 to 14 days to clear up. It is very common and very contagious, but doesn't seem to show up in adults with as strong symptoms as in children. Both my book and the nhs direct doctor recommended nurofen for fever and pain. My book also suggests cold drinks or ice cream for feeding your child as they may be less painful on her mouth ulcers.

pupuce Thu 23-May-02 09:05:40

Well I had very strong symptoms (bad blisters on my tongue for 5 days)... and it was hell. Normally once you had it you are immune.

pupuce Thu 23-May-02 09:17:43

In order to be helpful, here are the other links on this disease :

angharad Thu 23-May-02 13:06:01

Cheers everyone, so far the myself and the other 2 are clear, though another child in DS2's room at nursery has it. Have to say DH is in a much worse state than DS, his hands are awful.

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