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Hair loss!

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Buttercupsandaisies Wed 01-Jun-16 14:59:08


Long story but after a bit of advice really.

I have thinning hair - more due to above normal shedding rather than gradual thinning over time,

I started to notice high shedding when I was about 17 and whilst not overly noticeable to some, I can certainly see it and it does affect how I wear my hair.

I've been the doctors several times over the years (I'm now 39) and they do bloods, give me multivitamin etc and send me on my way! It hasn't changed massively over the years but obviously I have less hair as the years go by.

I was referred once to dermatologist but they just said its normal! It's clearly not as it falls out in handfuls and it's getting thinner. I prob have 50% less than 15 years ago.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at 24 and have been on meds since. My tsh and t4 etc are all optimum so it's not my thyroid.

I've been on cilest since I was 17 so wander if it's a pill thing? I came of it in January as DH had vasectomy and this past month my hair has shed loads!!!! It's gotten so much worse which ties in with the shedding that can happen 3-4 months after stopping the pill.

Cilest is a high oestrogen and low androgen pill so my question is if i should go back on it - my hair is much worse now?

I can't work out if perhaps I've always had thin hair because of cilest or if it would have been worse if I didn't have the oestrogen protection of Cilest?

Cilest is stated as being anti androgeic so I'm concerned I've done the wrong thing coming off it?

My thinning is all over tho more so on the top. No widening of part etc. My mum has similar issue so it's very much hereditary sad

Just not sure what to do now with regard my pill - do I continue to let it ride it's course on the hope it improves? Or should I go back on it incase the oestrogen was actually helping and now it's going to get worse?


MiniMum97 Tue 07-Jun-16 18:15:39

Could it be PCOS? Assume you've been tested for this?
If Cliest is anti androgenic then it probably helps with the hair loss so maybe try to go back on it and see what happens?

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