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Reaction to teenage booster

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fuchsia0703 Wed 17-Jan-07 09:38:53

My DD aged 15 is very poorly following her booster for diptheria/tetanus/polio yesterday - within about half an hour she felt dreadful and she has pretty much everything on the side effects list. Does anyone have any idea of how this will last? She never reacted to her baby jabs or pre school booster so it had never crossed my mind that this might happen! They gave her Revaxis by the way.

expatinscotland Wed 17-Jan-07 09:39:34

I had this happen w/DPT at 14.

It lasted about 2 days.

fuchsia0703 Thu 18-Jan-07 09:51:11

thanks. She is still off school today .. if I'd known how bad she was going to be I would have arranged to have it done at the doctors in the holidays. She did get up this morning but was really struggling and ended up going back to bed.

expatinscotland Thu 18-Jan-07 09:52:36

I felt flu like - fever, aches, chills - for a couple of days.

I'm glad I didn't have mine over the holidays - they're short enough w/o being ill during the little break you get as it is.

Hope she's better soon.

brimfull Thu 18-Jan-07 09:57:33

I don't think they give this one anymore in our area,is this the one they give in yr 9 or 10?

Sorry your dd is so unwell,my ds was unwell for about a week with his first one.

fuchsia0703 Thu 18-Jan-07 10:37:17

Yes, DD is Y10 - she never reacted to any of the jabs when she was younger but I think the vaccine is different at this age.

NotAnOtter Thu 18-Jan-07 10:38:00

omg my boy is having this today

Bumblelion Thu 18-Jan-07 10:40:59

You have just reminded me that me and my DD (14) missed her appointment yesterday for this so am on the phone now.

Verbena37 Thu 19-Jan-17 12:43:00

My DS 15 a,so had RAevaxis on the Gp surgery because I didn't want the school nurses doing it in one arm. Not that I realise now that made a difference because DD is still off school today and we don't know which vaccine has affected her......she also had MEN AWCY at the same time.

She fainted last night (may have just been when she went to take posters off she went ooky) and looks pale and awful.
She has no visible marks or swelling or redness on either arm but feel awful and has weak legs and pains all down her arms even when she is just walking.

I didn't realise that the vaccine is made in France and contains aluminium and formaldehyde....might have reconsidered otherwise.....there are cases I France of teens suffering from myofaciitis and taking the manufacturers to court. There have been cases of CFS following it.....why oh why didn't I look at the ingredients properly. The school letter didn't mention even the brand name!!

Hope your DD gets better soon.

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