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Gallbladder help please.

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Springermum1350 Tue 31-May-16 10:26:51

I went to the doctors last week after having problems after eating. Bad stomach, feeling sick, bad wind.

After he examined me ( nearly jumped to the ceiling when he touched my gallbladder. He gave me some tablets and told me to cut out as much fat as I could for a few weeks.

That was Thursday. It is now Monday. I have managed to cut my fat intake down to 9g a day and with that and the tablets I am feeling better and only a slight reaction now after eating.

He wasn't particularly helpful about what to do when the tablets run out.

Should I just go back to eating normally? Add it back in gradually, go back and get some more tablets? I never want to back to how awful it was. So any help from someone who knows about this would be really appreciated.

This has made me realise just how much fat is in stuff. I wasn't eating too much as I am wheat free so cakes etc are out the window so not sure how it got inflamed ?

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