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Vomiting Bug

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AllTheDwarves Sun 29-May-16 13:54:37

At what point would you take your 3yo for medical advice when they are vomiting? I would normally pop into the doctors but with it being a bank holiday, it's a 16 mile round trip and a lengthy wait in a walk-in. I don't want to waste anybody's time and especially don't want to spread germs to others unless it's completely necessary.

However - it's now been 2.5 days, nothing staying down, not even fluids or bland foods. Has been playing / chatting between being sick until this afternoon but is now completely exhausted and very sleepy. Still asking for food and drinks but is immediately throwing them back up. Flat out refusing dioralyte.

My heart says get her looked at, but my head says it's probably just a bug and she'll be fine tomorrow confused

Would you make the trip?

Minime85 Sun 29-May-16 14:26:39

Ring the 101 isn't it now? If starve for 24hrs before trying to have anything except fluids. Sounds like needs some re hydration sachets

chakachumchom Sun 29-May-16 14:26:45

The way I look at it now:
What am I likely to regret more? Taking DC to the doctor if I felt the need to or not taking DC to see the doctor if I felt the need to?

LifeIsGoodish Sun 29-May-16 14:39:06

I think you need to fast her for at least 6h, if not 12, from last vomit. If she won't take Dioralyte, give her a half-teaspoonful of 7Up, or whatever sickly sweet drink she likes, every 5mins or so to rehydrate without triggering a vomit.

Mumandmama Sun 29-May-16 14:43:08

Call 111 for advice. I wouldn't take a vomiting child to a walk in centre without calling first.

bastedyoungturkey Mon 30-May-16 19:28:29

DD has gone for this long vomiting, and she was still begging for food.

She was almost 3 at the time so similar to your LO.

Don't worry too much about diaoralite as long as you can get them to take sips of water. Even if they vomit it back up something will stay down. DD was bringing up water every hour or so but was taking sips of water too. Not squash or juice as that can irritate their tummies.

Call OOH if you really feel the need, and I have in the past but in retrospect DD would have been better staying in the warm and resting.

There isn't anything they'll prescribe of you do go. Just try to encourage sips of water.

Hope your little one is on the mend soon. It's so hard with a sick bug to know what decisions to make re:food or not or whether they're improving or not.

AllTheDwarves Tue 31-May-16 18:56:22

Thanks all. Still no improvement, and it's started coming out of both ends today as well. Called 111 last night who advised we take her to OOH. The doctor shrugged it off and told DH and I not to make any plans for the rest of the week because we'll all have it by Wednesday hmm

So we're just going to have to ride it out - it's always nice to have that reassurance though.

bastedyoungturkey Wed 01-Jun-16 15:40:49

In our experience the diarrhoea signals the end of it and doesn't often last for more than 24 hours.

Fingers crossed you're all feeling better soon.

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