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anyone had lazer eye surgery?

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IamAnIAMSgirl Sun 29-May-16 13:34:06

If so, how much did you pay, did it work and what are the results several years after?

I am in my mid thirties and my eye sight is pretty bad. I am -6.5 in both eyes and cannot see anything without glasses or contact lenses. I am contemplating getting my eyes lazered but a bit concerned that as the years wear on I will still need glasses anyway.

Interested to hear your stories!


MatildaTheCat Sun 29-May-16 22:41:41

I had it done 13 years ago. Prescription was -2.5 in both eyes which isn't so bad but bad enough to need glasses all the time and I couldn't wear lenses.

The surgery was fine. I had it at Moorfields. Much as I love a bargain, on this occasion I wanted to know I had the best. It cost about 3k. I rested them a lot for about a week and did the drops religiously. I've never needed glasses since. I'm now 50 and had them tested for the first time in ages recently. I still don't need reading glasses but may do some time, that kind of problem is different to myopia.

Read loads, look at the alternatives. Don't go anywhere where you meet a sales consultant rather than the surgeon pre op. Your eyes are very precious. But, very life enhancing for me. Oddly, after I took the plunge a whole lot of my friends and relations went for it and some with very big prescriptions. All have been fine, some just need glasses for night driving etc.

hesterton Sun 29-May-16 22:43:56

I had it over 15 yrs ago. Overseas though, and it was about £400 then. Amazing. I was more than -10 in each eye and have had great vision since - may soon need glasses for reading like anyone of my age although I am mid 50s now.

IamAnIAMSgirl Tue 31-May-16 17:41:23

I have just called moorfields private eye hospital in London and they charge £4300 for both eyes! Quite a shocking amount!

Hulababy Tue 31-May-16 17:53:48

I had mine done on 30 March this year.
My eye were -4 in one eye, -3.75 in the other.

I had them done by Mr Edwards at Sheffield Vision Centre, which is based at the Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield:

I had ReLEx SMILE, which is one of the newest methods:

It cost just under £2000 per eye - I had both done. You can pay up front or there is a payment plan. There is no discount available - was fun listening to a man trying to negotiate one though - and any profits go into the NHS system at the hospital. This is an all-in price, including all checks before and afterwards, the procedure, the after care including the various drops, safety 'google' things for first week sleeping, and sunglasses.

I didn't want to risk going anywhere cheaper tbh - I had good recommendations, both in "real life" and there were good reviews online too. If I was having my eyes sorted I wanted to pay for it - guess I was happy to go with 'you get what you pay for' type of thought.

I have been really happy so far - it is now 2 months on. I could see without any issues the following day, I could drive the following afternoon infact, after my first post-op appointment. My eye sight at that point was already very good. At my last appointment, a month later, my eye sight was described as 20/20 and healing was excellent. I return at the end of this month for my 3 month check and envisage no issues.

They say the final 'how well has it worked' check is at 9 months. But so far everything has been fantastic and I am so glad I did it. I'm 43y and wish I'd had it done years ago! I love not dealing with lenses anymore.

They cannot prevent eye sight deterioration from nature ageing. You may still require reading glasses when you are older - that just can't be prevented. However, at least if that does happen in the future, at least I can just have standard reading glasses to pop on when needed, and not have to mess with two pairs or varifocals.

MatildaTheCat Tue 31-May-16 19:57:38

I think that sounds about right in terms of price for a top ophthalmic surgeon in a world class facility with proper follow up care. Bound to be more expensive than a high street chain with a surgeon who may not be as well qualified or experienced.

Could you do it on a payment plan or 0% credit card?

Over the years there's quite a saving in terms of specs/ lenses etc though perhaps not quite the full amount. That's just quality of life.

notapizzaeater Tue 31-May-16 20:01:41

I was an early one, had it done about 20 years ago. It's more than paid for itself in savings of contact lenses, glasses etc. Just started needing reading glasses as I've got older :-(

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