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Can you get neuralgia pain in breast

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Notthinkingclearly Sun 29-May-16 13:27:07

I have been suffering from a sore pain in armpit for a week or more. Feels like almost a burn but nothing to see. Now I keep getting a shooting pain in my breast when I brush against clothing yet when I touch it firmly there is no discomfort. It feels almost like imagine shingles to be but there is no rash. All I can think of is i did some heavy lifting. Could this of caused neutalgia pain?

Notthinkingclearly Mon 30-May-16 08:44:11


babyboomersrock Mon 30-May-16 15:43:08

Hi OP - I'm assuming you've read this?

I've had breast pain - including underarm pain - on and off all my adult life, but I have had it checked out several times. Don't leave it - you'll only worry anyway. Make an appointment with your GP and see what she/he thinks.

Foofoobum Mon 30-May-16 15:53:57

I had this and the doctor called it neuralgia. It went away after a few Months and hasn't to date returned. It was agony tho - sorry I can't be of more help

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