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dental phobia and broken tooth - likely outcome?

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MountainDweller Sat 28-May-16 23:18:30

Hi, I am terrified of the dentist and have broken a tooth. It s the first molar at the front on the bottom and most of the middle of the tooth is already filling. One of the corners has broken off, right down to the gum, leaving a jagged edge of filling. It doesn't hurt but it is shredding my mouth so I will have to get it seen. I am away from home and thinking about whether I should try for an emergency appointment on Monday. Might they be able to put a temporary filling over the jagged edge till I can get to my own dentist? Is it possible to save the tooth? Will they have to take the whole filling out and replace it? I am panicking so much and part of it is because I don't know what will have to be done. Thanks for any insight!

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