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Un cancelling appointment

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crje Sat 28-May-16 22:33:32

Six months ago I had back pain and was referred for an injection in the spine .
The appointment came last week for two weeks time. During the wait time my pain was under control and I have been doing better. I rang the hospital and said I didn't need the appointment.
Over the weekend my dog was run over by a car and I've have to lift her a lot, she is a 30kg lab.
My back is niggling now and I'm regretting cancelling the appointment. When it flairs up it takes weeks to settle.
Would there be any point/hope in ringing the hospital and asking for my appointment back or a cancellation?!

I'm so disappointed sad

MatildaTheCat Sat 28-May-16 23:19:46

Well, you can but try. But likely your cancellation will have discharged you from the service.

If your back is niggling, get on it with all the things that will help it. Rest, gentle exercise, heat, anti inflammatory meds etc. Injections aren't a magic bullet and actually not great for many kinds of back pain so self help is really important.

Good luck. I hope your dog gets better. You need to find ways of moving her that don't mean lifting. There are many techniques for moving and handling if you google.

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