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Anyone tried Quetiapine/Seroqi and it's not helped?

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Psion Sat 28-May-16 14:44:51

Was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Have been on Trazadone for 9 weeks, slowly titrated from 100mg up to 250mg (been on higher dose for last 4 days).

Was also put on Quetiapine nearly 6 weeks ago, slowly titrated up from 25mg to 150mg (been on higher dose for last 4 days).

But I feel no better than I did 9 weeks ago when I first started this medicated journey. Surely I should be experiencing some relief by now?

I have enjoyed maybe 4-5 good days in the last 4 weeks. Otherwise I have felt so low, desperate and extremely anxious (I don't like DH leaving me alone to even have a soak in the bath).

I spent most of Thursday just sobbing. Last weekend was just one long crying jag too. The anxiety and depression are just getting unbearable. Surely I shouldn't be feeling actually worse, 9 weeks into treatment?

I am seeing the Crisis Team and I get the impression that they're surprised I am not improving and still with them.

Quetiapine was pitched to me as being a wonder drug for anxiety, but it hasn't done a thing for mine. All it does is make me feel sleepier, but anxiety just as bad (if not worse) than it was before I started it.

Has anyone else had disappointing results from Quetiapine? And if you did, did you manage to change to something that worked?

Thank you.

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