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Intrinsic Factor Antibody results

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building2016 Thu 26-May-16 20:37:40

Hi, can anyone help me?

After being ill for 4 years with chronic fatigue syndrome, I was trialled on Vit B12 injections which made a huge difference.

I've just had blood results with a pretty vague letter from my consultant and I would like some help - I will also call the GP tomorrow.

For intrinsic factor antibodies, I've got a value of 7 u/ml. The reference range is 0-24 u/ml.

When I first got these results I assumed that because I was within the reference range, that meant I don't have an intrinsic factor problem.

But on second thought, any antibodies at all is a sign of a problem, isn't it? If I have 7 u/ml of IF antibodies, then this is pernicious anemia, right? Or am I wrong?

Thanks so much. I'm going mad trying to work things out today.

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