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Otrivine side effects, what the hell is happening

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FOTTFSOF Tue 24-May-16 18:01:23

30 weeks pregnant, took Otrivine as suggested by ObGyn to get a decent night's sleep as I have a terrible cold/sinusitis.

Took it last night - first reaction was burning in throat, but it did at least clear my nose. Woke up this morning with vertigo and nausea. When I got out of bed, heart palpitations and now breathlessness that has lasted the day.

Congestion is even worse this evening - now dry and sticky and feel like I absolutely cannot breathe.

Is this as normal reaction to Otrivine with rebound symptoms? Or is this quite extreme?

whydidhesaythat Tue 24-May-16 22:12:54

The rebound symptoms usually come after at least three days' use.
Sorry you are going through this

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