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do raised LH levels always mean menopause or PCOS?

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Castasunder Mon 23-May-16 21:55:12

I've had weird periods for a year or more ( every 22 days and and lasting 11 days)
Went to doc today and he's ordered some bloods and a scan. He checked my history and some bloods from last year showed that my LH and FSH were 'out of sync'. He didn't tell me what they were but I could see from the screen they looked to be 7.9 for FSH and 20-something for LH.

I've no idea why it wasn't raised as an issue with me last year. He said the numbers on their own aren't a big issue but that they 'are out of sync' with each other? Anyone know what he means when he says that?
He asked if I had any early menopause in my family, which I don't that I know of but has got me worrying now. He said it probably wasn't PCOS but couldn't be sure.

I have one child (9yo) and I'm 37

Castasunder Tue 24-May-16 14:34:20


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