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Today2016 Mon 23-May-16 10:35:15

Hi I'm new and need to ask some advice, thank you in advance anyone who takes the time to help me.
Recently, my sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is going through it all at the mo, I feel so scared for her and am trying my best to support her in anyway she needs me, despite the fact we live so far from each other and I have a young family. Even though we live a distance away we are still close and I can't admit to myself that there is even a slight possibility I may lose her.
I was fortunate enough to see her this weekend and I cannot stop thinking about her. My husband has asked me, since her diagnosis, if I check myself regularly. I am not religious with it but have in the past and have now started daily checking myself. This morning I felt something behind my nipple on the left side, but I don't know if I am really feeling it or if I am just paranoid because of my sisters situation. My feelings are so up and down at the moment I just think I'm going a bit mad.

sadie9 Mon 23-May-16 13:03:21

Well why not get checked?
I know I have been there and done that. I don't think you will put your mind to rest unless you get a GP to look at it. Or else you will just keep thinking about it to be honest and keep checking yourself incessantly (or I would if it was me).
If the GP has a person telling them that she feels something she hasn't felt before, the GP is likely send you to a breast clinic for a screening. No harm in that either to be honest.
However, being sent to the Breast Clinic will heighten your anxiety and make you think there is something there - BUT once you get the all clear from that, at least you will have your own breast health off your worry list. And usually you won't have to wait too long for the appointment.

Today2016 Mon 23-May-16 15:56:02

Thank you Sadie for taking the time to respond you are completely right. I apologise because now I see how silly I was to post this, the answer is obvious. I think the shock of my sister's diagnosis has just hit me after seeing her this weekend and I needed to reach out because I haven't been able to talk to the rest of my family about it, complicated family relationships, but I was silly to ask medical opinions, sorry mumsnet I've been stupid.

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