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Aquaflex pelvic floor toner

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Dandelion66 Sun 22-May-16 07:31:08

Morning, I was thinking of getting an Aquaflex pelvic toner and was wondering if any of you lovely ladies have had any success using this or any other form of pelvic toner. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

SnookieSnooks Sun 22-May-16 15:40:23

No.... But why not just go to a Pilates class? That will tone your pelvic floor Big Time, plus you'll make new friends. You need to find a small class, not a leisure cents class.

Pollaidh Sun 22-May-16 15:46:43

The NHS have an app called 'Squeezy' which takes you through the exercises every day.

Also pilates (proper class in a proper studio) beginner class will teach you how to identify the front, back and middle pelvic floor and the kind of exercises you need to do (as in long slow control, fast release and control etc).

stairway Sun 22-May-16 20:03:43

I use it. I believe it does make a difference but it doesn't suit everyone. You mustn't have a prolapse to start with.
I use it in the shower which makes it very convenient. It took me about 6 months to get to the final weight so you need patience.

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