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Continuous mild/heavy spotting and pain....9 weeks AFTER myomectomy

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mumof2kiddos Fri 20-May-16 11:07:06

Hi All, I am basically at the end of my tether. My story starts from Feb'16 when I had the bleeding from hell (clots clots and more clots) ... an U/S revealed a 3cm submucosal fibroid. Same scenario in my Mar'16 period...spoke with gynae consultant who did a hysteroscopic resection of the fibroid at the end of March. Mild spotting bleeding for 2 weeks, then a super heavy period minus clots for another 2 weeks...then NO BLEEDING NOTHING for another 2 weeks. Then my 2nd period post myomectomy started on 30th April and has been the worst phase so far. Couldnt believe how big clots I passed...and I am still bleeding off and on, sometimes mild spotting, sometimes a bit heavier and most of the time terrible lower abdomen pain.
I had another pelvic u/s and speculum exam 2 days back ... while I was still bleeding a little. Sonographer suggested that the fibroid is still there...however i am not sure whether it is a new one or an incompletely resected old one. Nothing else significant was observed. I had a significant bleeding after all this prodding and poking!!
Have anyone of you heard about this failed myomectomy procedure? What should be the next course of action? DONT want to take any hormonal therapy unless absolutely required. Endometrial ablation??

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