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nasal polyps, anyone?

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coco1810 Wed 18-May-16 21:43:04

Recently diagnosed with nasal polyps (after three years of trips to GPs). Have been prescribed Mometastone Furoate Nasal spray two sprays twice a day reducing down to one spray twice a day then cease once symptoms under control. I have one or two days at most before symptoms reappear. Should I be pushing for removal of polyps? If so, has anyone had the surgery and what's the recovery time like?

ISpeakJive Thu 19-May-16 17:57:43

Hi CoCo,
I've noticed your post has gone unanswered but just wanted to let you know that my DH suffers with these dreadful things. He has had them for years and has had three operations.
The operations themselves are absolutely fine. Quite straightforward are usually released within 12 hours. Obviously, there are some small risks involved with this kind of operation but they are quite rare.
Unfortunately, the little buggers keep coming back so DH tries to control their growth by using Flixonase drops which he uses every night.
I do feel for you. Bloody bastard things!

coco1810 Fri 20-May-16 09:40:57

Thank you for your reply. They are giving me hell at the moment, thanks to Hayfever 👎. Going back to the GP for a referral to ENT.

imip Sat 21-May-16 21:00:41

My dbri has them also since teenage years. He's had them removed 3 times, and he is 43 next month. Last time he had them removed he found it quite hard. He also suffers from hay fever and asthma. They were first removed when he was about 14 (he got Cyndi Lauper's True colours cassette to listen to in his Walkman in hospital!), and it was a much more major operation than it is now!!

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