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Dermoid cyst/mature teratoma symptoms

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mirime Wed 18-May-16 14:58:15

I have a 5cm dermoid cyst on my right ovary, waiting for gynae appointment, also trying to get yet another appointment with my wonderfully helpful but obviously very popular GP.

Google is proving less than helpful as apparently dermoid cysts are usually asymptomatic, which is nice, but mine isn't!

Has anyone else had one? What symptoms did you have? Most noticeable is pain on the right side (been to A&E twice and needed morphine), but my periods have got heavier and less regular, more breast pain - sometimes I'd swear I was pregnant, it's really disconcerting.

Finch82 Wed 18-May-16 20:54:13

Hi Mirime

Just found your post here, thanks for posting on mine.

My scan results said mine could be either endo or dermoid but I really think mine is endo (don't know why, maybe because I'm on progesterone only pill). A friend of mine had a dermoid cyst. She was diagnosed while pregnant (it showed up on a scan) and was operated on whilst pregnant. Hers had lots of fluid round it. I was talking to her about it this week and asking her about symptoms-she went to A&E with acute pain while she was trying for a baby. The docs thought it might be an ectopic preg so did a test and it was negative. A couple of weeks later it was positive. She thinks it was maybe the egg implanting. I think it was the cyst!

I wish I'd gone to A&E now when I had that pain. Did they not do an ultra sound on you when you went in?

I've come off the pill since the weekend. My periods not been heavy but it's been going on for weeks! My breasts are really sore! Abdominal pain comes and goes but there is a continuous "burny" tight feeling on my right side. My tummy feels all swollen and bloated too. I am living in leggings-jeans too uncomfortable!

I did a pregnancy text before I got the scan results!

mirime Wed 18-May-16 22:18:46

First time I went to A&E my temp was slightly high so as pain was on right side they suspected appendicitis rather than anything gynae-related. GP referred me for a scan but before I got an appointment I was back in A&E and they did one there and that's when they diagnosed the dermoid cyst.

I get a burny feel sometimes, mainly it twinges on and off to a greater or lesser extent, round about day 24 of my cycle is worst. Bending over a lot sets it off, as does running about, lifting things - things that are hard to avoid with an active 3 year old! My sickness record in work has taken a hit as well, luckily they're understanding.

Really I need to speak to a gynaecologist about symptoms, but I've been waiting 5 months for an appointment and am getting a bit fed up of the whole thing!

Finch82 Thu 19-May-16 22:30:27

You've been waiting 5 months for an appointment???!!!

mirime Fri 20-May-16 14:43:43

Yep sad

Saw GP after A&E scan and she referred me for another scan and to gynae at the same time - said the gynae appointment could take months so better to do the referral straight away.

Finally got the scan in March, after my GP had chased it up umpteen times because the hospital kept cancelling the referral because they thought I'd already had the scan. One of the reasons I'm trying to see my GP is to see if she can chase the gynae appointment up, and let her know that the symptoms are getting worse.

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