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Problems with tooth extraction site?

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LONC2012 Mon 16-May-16 21:27:59

Hi all,
I went to the dentist last wendesday (11/5) as I have been having on and off niggles with the same tooth, after an X-ray it was discovered that under the filling the tooth was decaying and that there was a bit infection under my tooth. I decided to have the tooth out and she booked me in for the next day.
I went in and had the procedure which was truely the most awful thing I have ever been through - never again!
The pain was there from the minute I walked out the door.
It has bee painful all weekend and when I have looked at it, it looked angry and yellow/creamy in colour.
I went back this morning, face is still swollen and just sick of the pain.
She cleaned it out which was very uncomfortable and put some brown paste on it which tastes revolting!
Said she didn't think I needed antibiotics and now the tooth is gone the infection should go?
I had to book in for a check up and the earliest one is 1st June, is this going to be too long to leave it before getting it checked? Especially with whatever this stuff is that's been put in?

Feeling so fed up!

DidgeDoolittle Mon 16-May-16 21:32:52

I had a big back tooth taken out about a month ago for similar reasons to you. It was so sore for the first week I thought there must have been a problem. It was still sore into the second week, but has now settled down considerably.

I think you need to give it time and it should settle.

You have my sympathies though, it was an awful experience.

LONC2012 Mon 16-May-16 21:54:47

Hopefully it will calm down then. Not sure what I'm meant to do about this brown paste it tastes gross!
From what I have read and what the nhs direct person told me was that usually with an infection they try to clear it first before they remove the tooth? the whole things so confusing! She just keeps saying it was a huge tooth and it could hurt for weeks.

It really was horrible, I tried to read up before hand to know what I was going into but that was Pointless haha. I think I'd rather go through childbirth that sit through something like that again!

DidgeDoolittle Mon 16-May-16 22:03:09

Yes, mine was a big back tooth and it took him an hour to get it out. It was truamatic. It didn't hurt, just went on and on.
It was really sore for a couple of weeks and then started to settle. It's stil not completely sorted, but is on its way. I can now stand to have my electric toothbrush in the general vicinity.

LONC2012 Mon 16-May-16 22:07:43

Guess I should start to man up then haha!
Thanks smile

Mangetoutisdelicious Mon 16-May-16 22:12:36

Don't do anything with brown paste-leave it well alone-it will dissolve eventually. Start doing gentle hot salty mouth rinses as soon as possible , particularly after meals and do this for a week.
Take regular pain relief ; alternate paracetamol with ibuprofen(assuming you have no medical contra-indications) if you need to.
Your dentist must think you have a dry socket and vast majority will settle down with above treatment. Obviously if swelling increases you will need to go back.

LONC2012 Tue 17-May-16 06:34:00

Thanks, I have been doing the salt water washes that they told me to do 24 hours afterwards and regularly taking pain relief since.
Swelling is just the same as it was. Just wanting it to ease off a tiny bit sad!

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